Keysbrook Motorsport Facility Proposal Form

If you wish to see the facility go ahead positive action to assist the process is needed. (before Sunday 5th April 2020)

Closes 5 Apr 2020

Opened 30 Mar 2020


The proposal is to construct and operate a multi-use motorsport complex on Lot 78 Punrak Road Keysbrook, and to redirect stormwater to Lot 400 Wigg Road Keysbrook.

The proposal would be used for road safety driver training, amateur car events, a go-kart track, V8 supercar events, motorbikes and world rally championships.

The proposal would operate seven days a week from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, with potential for extended hours over weekends for special events.

Keysbrook Motorsport Facility Proposal Form